IPHEYA Fiber services provide the foundation for creating world-class high bandwidth connectivity solutions for carriers, operators, cloud service providers and major enterprises. We  operate and maintain one of SOUTH AFRICA most extensive and reliable fiber optic networks – providing dense coverage.Fiber from IPHEYA provides you with complete flexibility and control of your network.


Whether you are building a network to support bandwidth-intensive business applications, or creating your own backhaul network - a Fiber network from IPHEYA provides the long-term assurance that your network will scale to meet your future bandwidth requirements. Your Fiber network will provide a future-proof and cost-effective platform on which to base your future growth.

Fiber from IPHEYA provides the peace of mind of physically separate and secure fiber optics. Diverse routes are usually available to enable you to construct highly reliable, low latency networks on which you have the flexibility to overlay any protocol you require.


Optical Ethernet and Wavelength Services enable customers to build their high capacity backbone networks without the need for costly infrastructure investments.

Provincial basis across IPHEYA network. There are Unprotected or Protected resilience options and services support the full range of industry standard interfaces and protocols.

Carriers, ISPs, large enterprises and cloud providers are confronted by similar issues: the continuing centralization of information resources into data centres; the ever increasing bandwidth demand driven by cloud applications and internet content; and the need for business continuity and security. These challenges are felt most acutely in the backbone where high volumes of traffic are aggregated and infrastructure is at its most critical.

iPHEYA backbone services provide capacity when, where and how it is needed and enable customers to avoid costly infrastructure investments.